Reviews of Books
By Rachel Dacus


Femme au chapeau

"This is a book to relish for such insights, by a poet clearly up for the ride, and not afraid of the risks." -- Rhina Espaillat

"Rachel Dacus ravels and unravels the rich uncertainties of life. Her poems, strange, but startlingly familiar, seize and hold the reader. -- Ruth Daigon

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Earth Lessons 

"One of the most full-breathed, transfiguring books I have partaken of for a long time." -- Naomi Shihab Nye

"Rachel Dacus' main concern in these poems comprises the relationship between woman and nature, addressing finally the nature of spirituality. Her writings are sensitive; her skill of the highest order." -- Jane Morris, Editor, Primeval Press

A God You Can Dance (CD)

"Carefully-crafted meditations framed by well-chosen music and sound-effects to create a constantly changing aural landscape." Click on the title to hear sample tracks.

Singing in the Pandaleshwar Caves - CD

Released by Alsop Review Press in 2004 (currently unavailable).  

Italy, A Love Story; Women Write About the Italian Experience

"In this thrilling and layered new collection, women from Barbara Grizzuti Harrison to the neo-Tuscan Frances Mayes to Mary Simetti Taylor explore and describe in loving prose individual infatuations with a land that is both complicated by and adored for a rich tradition." - Amazon

My essay in this anthology from Seal Press is "Venice and the Passion for Nurture."